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The crypto market is continually expanding. Currently, with multiple prominent businesses contemplating the introduction of new tokens and currencies, the market is becoming increasingly congested. This makes it difficult for potential investors to decide which cryptocurrency is the best and most likely to flourish. The more possibilities there are, the more difficult it is to say them. PayBolt, a crypto payment gateway, aims to level the playing field by adopting an “agnostic” approach to $PAY token (native token of PayBolt). Here’s how PayBolt intends to reach that aim, and what it may entail for the industry as a whole.

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All Cryptocurrencies accepted

Why Chain-Agnostic?

All Cryptocurrencies accepted

PayBolt token ($PAY) is now built on three blockchains; BNB Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon with the recent preparation for the fourth and the aim of launching the token on all available chains. Theoretically, a chain-agnostic Payment gateway like PayBolt has a rather simple premise: all digital currencies are accepted, and the Payment gateway has no preference for one currency over another as long as the token is built on the same chain $PAY is standing on.

Simply, users will be able to pay using any cryptocurrency currently accessible, from popular alternatives like bitcoin and Ethereum to brand-new currencies that have yet to make an impact in the market like meme coins. Users will be treated similarly on the network market regardless of the currency they pick.

Not only do users enjoy special discounts and rewards while purchasing things with $PAY, but also several advantages are granted for both holders as well as the project per se. Stakeholders get money from $PAY tokens through market listing fees and transactions. In other words, users receive passive revenue on network activity just by staking $PAY in their wallets.

Why Chain-Agnostic?

There are several potential benefits to a chain-agnostic ecosystem like this. Users will no longer need to use numerous exchange platforms to handle transactions for all of their different assets. Because all transactions are processed into $PAY, the ecosystem’s native token will undoubtedly play a significant part in the proceedings.

PayBolt provides a reward for using $PAY tokens. The company does an excellent job of lowering the barriers to entry into the marketplace and instilling inherent value in its utility coin while also rewarding network involvement and supervision.

For users and PayBolt developers alike, the ecosystem’s crypto agnosticism offers clear value. Everyone has the advantage of being able to buy on PayBolt’s marketplace using the majority of the main coins of their choice.

PayBolt, for one, does not have to be concerned about its platform being outdated if any one currency ceases to exist. PayBolt can continue to supply its e-commerce solution regardless of how the cryptocurrency market evolves since it is not dependent on any one coin.­

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